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I own 15+ tarot and oracle decks. Exactly which decks I am guided to use will be different every time. Simply decide the topics or questions you'd like your reading to focus on and book the appropriate number of readings to cover them (one session per topic/question). I will send you a detailed and insightful reading that will cover the factors affecting your situation, the obstacles and opportunities involved and guidance on how to achieve the best possible outcome. All you have to do is book with your question and a couple of details and I will do the rest!


The purpose of this is to help you access creative energy to see things in a new light and, as such, reveal potential blind spots or loops. This is not a replacement for your own internal authority. Ideally, this is for getting guidance around a situation that feels foggy or you are too close to. 


This is also a great introduction to who I am and what I do, in case you are undecided about booking me for a more intensive service. 


Within one week, I will write in detail the connections I saw, and send them to you via email, with a picture of your personal spread.

Digital Tarot Reading

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