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Wilmington, Massachusetts, USA

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Are mini sessions, sample readings, free intro readings, or email readings available?

No. I do not offer deals or intro sessions.


Can you or I record my session?

I record all verbal sessions (excluding those conducted on-location) and send you the audio file when the work is complete. For all other types of sessions, you will receive a document with detailed results. You do not need to record your session and as such, I do not permit the recording of sessions. 


Most importantly, since sessions are solely focused on helping clients with their personal, interpersonal, and private concerns I do not permit sessions to be recorded because doing so can inhibit vulnerability and prevent collaborative attention from being fully paid to the present moment.



Do you offer a money-back guarantee?

I am not a large company that markets services using sales ploys like money-back guarantees or introductory rates. Like any expert you go to for help, you are paying for his or her time, not a specific result. 


What you can be certain of is this: if you set aside your expectations, open to, abide by, and participate in Danielle’s process while allowing her to guide you, her vast experience as a professional medium and minister, along with her deep commitment to excellence and your well-being will provide for your needs.

I am not a prediction service. Nor am I a psychic demonstration service. I am a spiritual consultation service that employs intuition to develop a deeper connection with clients.

When clients book a service they are paying for my efforts and commitment to their well-being, not a specific result. Mine is a very personal boutique service for discerning people. This means before and after your session a tremendous amount of time is invested in serving you behind the scenes. There are no refunds. I look forward to serving you!

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