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Remote Spirit Release is a deep, multidimensional healing and reading designed to help you to let go of stubborn issues and troublesome non-physical entities. It can also be used as a routine mind/body maintenance procedure, whenever you feel low in energy/mood, when things just aren't going right for some reason, or for more concerning problems such as psychic attack. As we become more attuned to our own energy and emotions, we can sense when we feel compromised, depleted, or misaligned. This session will bring you back into harmony and balance. While every session is unique and the effects depend on what is found and cleared, most clients report (at the very least) feeling lighter and happier as a result.

Use this service:

  • If you feel really "off" but can't explain why

  • When you suspect malevolent energies, attachments, or influences
  • To help understand physical, mental, or emotional issues 

  • When you are hearing voices
  • If you have frequent nightmares and/or your sleep is often disturbed

  • For unresolved issues in your life

  • To reconnect with who you really are

  • To accelerate your spiritual growth

  • You sense that something important might be revealed to you

  • When seeking relief from constant fears or anxieties

  • You feel mentally or physically fatigued for no medical reason
  • Life somehow seems disappointing


What is addressed/included?

  • Foreign energy; cord attachments
  • Inner etheric body
  • Chakras
  • Contracts, spells, or curses negatively impacting life
  • Portals around the person, home, or land
  • Negative thought forms; sub-personalities (split off parts of the Self)
  • Energetic implants; inter-dimensional parasites
  • Advice brought forth from guides and/or your Higher Self
  • One general question to be asked of the guide (if desired)
  • Follow-up by email for additional clarification (upon request)

Important: You may purchase this service on behalf of a friend or loved one (dependent human or pet). However, as long as they can advocate for themselves (humans age 13+), they must send me an email or text with their consent before I will perform this service. In short, you may not request this for a spouse, sibling, or friend without their written consent. If you are not a child's legal guardian or a pet's owner, you may not request this service for them. 


This service is conducted remotely. As such, you will not be present but will be notified when it has been completed. My colleague and I (both certified by Dr. Terence Palmer, author of The Science of Spirit Possession, whose work this is based on) will spend at least 45-60 minutes on your session. The fee is shared between us. The value and expertise we provide far exceed the fee charged. You will receive an Aftercare document detailing our conclusions and advice, in addition to an audio recording of the session.

Remote Spirit Release (RSR)

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  • Once I receive the details of the person(s) to receive the healing and payment, you will immediately be placed on the schedule and receive a confirmation e-mail. The session will be completed within 3 days.  You will be notified when session has been completed.

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