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A space clearing releases stagnant or stressed energy from your environment, and creates a healthy, vibrant flow of nourishing life-force throughout your space, that supports your genuine happiness and success in life. This session is perfect for you if you feel the energy of your home or business is stagnant, if there is an uninvited entity, if it's been more than a month since your last cleanse or simply because you can feel that it's time. Just like you keep your energy balanced, the energy of your spaces can have negative effects on you if it's full of old, negative or stale frequencies. Clients often report feeling immediate shifts during a clearing, and that change continues to unfold in their lives in the days and weeks afterwards. 


Space Clearing can help you…

  • Create a breakthrough in your life
  • Release physical and emotional clutter
  • Promote healing, health, and well being
  • Clear away energetic residue of previous occupants
  • Release unhappy or traumatic experience in the space
  • More easily sell your home or business
  • Get a fresh start once you’ve moved into a new place
  • Create sacred space for your spiritual growth
  • Stimulate personal and business success
  • Help a ghost or spirit move on from the location
  • Experience greater clarity, peace and awareness
  • Invite abundance and positive energy flow


What is included?

  • Clearing the space (commercial, office or residential)
  • Energetic protection of the space
  • A recording and written summary with the results of the clearing, including any recommendations the Guides may have provided


How does it work?

For a remote space clearing, I use a rough sketch or blueprint of your home as a substitute for walking through your space. I’ll complete the clearing independently, and once complete, I will send you the results. Remote clearings are available anywhere in the world and are just as effective as those conducted in person.


Next steps for a remote space clearing:

  1. Submit your floor plan and background information.

    Email a floor plan for each floor of the space to This can be a roughly hand-drawn sketch. Please note the use of each room (bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, etc.) and where any beds, major pieces of furniture, and major electronics like computers and appliances are placed. Be sure to also include any information you feel is relevant to the clearing.

  2. Relax.

    Wait and relax for about one week while I do all the work!

  3. Connect and gain insights.

    After I complete your clearing, I will email the results to you.

Home and Space Clearing

  • In-person/on-site clearings are available by request. Please note that I am based in Wilmington, MA and the price is $111 per hour, including travel time to and from the location. Email me at for a quote.

  • An average remote space clearing takes 2 hours, but it depends on the size of the space and the complexity of energy found there. Homes can take up to 5 hours to clear. Individual offices usually take 1-2 hours. In addition, personal clearings take about 30-60 minutes each.

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