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The first step in the Remote Spirit Release protocol is to perform a sovereignty check. This is also the first thing I do for myself before conducting any spiritual work. This service consists of a sovereignty check ONLY. As such, I will connect to your energy remotely and my guides will clear you of any negative attachments, should they exist. Once complete, I will report my conclusions to you via email.


WHAT IS SOVEREIGNTY? In a spiritual context, this is defined as a state of "no negative attachments." In other words, your energy field is clear of intruders, and you are in full command of your free will. This is the optimal state, but all kinds of things can create inner vulnerabilities that compromise our spiritual sovereignty, such as:


•    Our own emotional state
•    The emotionality of others around us
•    Drugs/alcohol
•    Stress
•    Consuming negative news
•    Unexpected negative events
•    Poor sleep
•    Insecurities
•    Guilt
•    Trauma
•    Overwork (physical or mental)
•    Injuries
•    Astral travel during dream states
•    Spiritual work without spiritual protection
•    Exposure to active (haunted) sites
•    Occult practices


Note: No matter how well-adjusted, all of us have issues lurking within our hearts and psyches, so I would not recommend this for first-time clients, who would benefit more from a complete Remote Spirit Release session.

Remote Sovereignty Check and Clearing

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