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Mediums use their psychic senses to connect the material realm to the spirit realm. Not all psychics are mediums, but all mediums are psychic! I tune into my psychic senses (i.e., images, symbols, words, feelings, a sense of knowing) and use mediumship to share messages between you and loved ones who have passed, spirit guides, angels, spirit animals, and other nonphysical entities. I act as a translator to deliver information that will be the most helpful to you on your personal journey. 


It is my belief that ultimately, there are no bad experiences, bad people, or bad decisions. Everything, however painful in that moment, serves a higher purpose to facilitate your soul's individual growth. I will connect to what is happening in that moment, so remember that nothing is set in stone. 

Use this service:

  • When you have unanswered questions or unresolved issues

  • If you are seeking deeper insights into a situation

  • To connect with departed loved ones (although there is no guarantee that I will contact the one you want)

  • If you are feeling "stuck" and need guidance about a path or project

  • To reconnect with who you really are/who you are meant to be

  • You sense that something important might be revealed to you


What is addressed/included?

  • Aura reading/color reading
  • Akashic record
  • Messages from Spirit
  • Past life triggers
  • Oracle cards as archetypes of past, present, future
  • Answer to a question (if desired)
  • Lots more - it is different for each person!


This session is conducted live over Zoom or over the phone, whichever you prefer. Use of a recording device or app is permissible, so that you can refer back later. I will reach out via email within 24 hours of purchase to schedule a date/time.

Psychic Medium Reading

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  • That's okay! Believe whatever you like. If you arrive to your reading with an open heart and an open mind, at the very least you'll walk away having had an interesting thought experiment and a hopefully a moving conversation. 

  • Nope! Everyone has access to psychic abilities and anyone can train to hone them or become a medium. Some people do report new types of awareness of their surroundings after a reading. If you're curious and open to the world of Spirit, there are lots of great resources online, and connecting with other mediums is a great place to start!

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